Petite Meller - Backpack 
Petite Meller - Backpack

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Ugh, here's another absurdly talented and beautiful musician who is taking up more than her fair share of seats on the fame train. Between modelling for L'Oreal, Vogue and Nylon, French chanteuse Meller has managed to rack up support dates with the likes of Mark Ronson and Hurts and this slick pop influence is indiscriminately slathered all over new single 'Backpack'. There's a moment when you think this is going to be awful as some Kenny G-esque saxophone cuts loose and suddenly it's the early 90s all over again. However, generally speaking, Meller's cutesy vocals and summery vibes with a hint of Kate Bush's theatrics make this an engaging and intriguing piece of pop. Expect to hear it on an advert for shampoo soon, no doubt.

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