Thursday, 24 April 2014


Pau - Paupulism EP 
Pau - Paupulism EP
Pau are a quartet from Hamburg which is confusing me as I once spent a freezing weekend in Hamburg but have also spent some sunny times in the French town of Pau. What temperature should I listen to this music at? Tricky. Either way, this three track EP kicks off with 'Class Will Show' which is a gently bouncing piece of indie fun somewhere between Dutch Uncles and Soulwax but with a particularly Germanic feel. The growl of the bass that introduces 'In The Flashlight' is soothed by the keys and calm, Teutonic vocals before the Young Knives-esque guitars chime in for a piece of the action. 'Runner' completes proceedings with a dark, moody vibe and some fantastic, Kraftwerk style key sounds. There aren't really any stadium anthems here but I don't think that's what Pau were going for as they've created an EP that will go down a storm with indie purists and, I predict, would be particularly popular in Manchester. Prove me wrong, why don't you...

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