Pales Fires - Louring Skies (Toonteen Industries) 
Pale Fires - Louring Skies EP

Time to get a little psyched out now as Camden boys Pale Fires are here to present their debut EP and, get this, it's totally free to download. That's a whole seven track EP that'll cost you absolutely zip - let's hope it's good. Emerging out of a swamp of noise is the opening track 'Come Closer' which is a mid-tempo piece of space rock that blurs the line between Haight-Ashbury and Madchester with great aplomb. 'So Soon' follows on with a sunny, optimistic guitar hook that the Verve might have let Richard Ashcroft grumble over while 'Intermission' starts off like finding Keith Moon and Robert Plant jamming in the back room of your local curry house only for indecipherable yelps to start leaking out of the walls as you regret that eighth pint of Cobra.

One theme so far has been some really strong yet smooth bass playing which falls at exactly the right place in the mix and this is apparent again in the Verve meets Kasabian wig-out of 'Burn Alone'. Just for a bit of variety, along comes 'Intermission (The Egg)' which sounds a little bit like Enya but give me some giant scatter cushions, a kaftan, a hooka pipe and I reckon I could really, really get in to this - ya dig? Title track 'Louring Skies' is a gentler but clearer tune than the others that builds slowly, like a sunrise creeping over the horizon before bursting the anticipation by flooding the sky with glorious, warm light. The EP finishes up with 'Sky Dance', the most mainstream track on the album and one that you could easily hear wafting down the corridors of the coolest underground venues at any time between the late 60s and now. I can't help feeling that these guys have got better songs in them but in terms of creating a vibe and some immense, psyched out hooks then you really don't need to look any further than Pale Fires.

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6th June - The Hunter Club, Bury Saint Edmunds