Ninsun Poli - Breaking Rules EP 
Ninsun Poli - Breaking Rules EP

Release Date: 28th April 2014

I'm of a generation that existed before the internet and so I still get that moment of wonder from time to time. Ninsun Poli is a prime example of this - a Swedish musician who creates songs in her living room passes it to a PR company in London who distribute it to their mailing list and then here I am with Family Guy on mute in the background listening to her music. I've never been to Sweden, she's probably never been to Cornwall and I don't even know if Ninsun Poli is a normal name in Sweden or translates as Eskimo Toaster. Anyway, once I got over my wonder at technology out of the way (next week, the camera) I actually got around to giving this EP a listen....and it was goooood.

Title track 'Braking Rules' kicks off with a pulsating, Ladyhawke-esque bass line and a Robyn shaped thud of a beat with Poli's desperate, breathy vocal lifting the melody up to luxurious heights. As the song progresses, the drums get more skittish and our Swedish heroine relaxes in to her role as defiant alt-pop star. 'Hey Lover' is up next with wonderfully rolling drum beat and rock vocals that find me imagining myself somewhere between Led Zeppelin and Lykke Li, such is the raw power of Poli's voice. 'Do It' starts like a mid-90s rave tune played out by the cast of Stomp and instantly you are transported to a dark underground club in Berlin where your only reference points are the strobe lit gurning faces of shaven headed dancers and the intertwined faces of the inexplicably aroused. To finish this dance-rock odyssey, Ninsun Poli serves up 'Faces' which is a gentler, more early morning tune with washes of synths and a gentle pulse that could be the sleepy, resigned grunts of a beast giving up on the fight and retreating to the shadows. This is impeccably dark pop from Ninsun Poli and it's something that you can both indulge yourself in and dance to which is a delicate balance to pull off. Touché, Poli, touché.

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