Natalie Pryce - Raquel 
Natalie Pryce - Raquel

I remember reviewing these guys a while ago and they genuinely made me quite afraid of them. Latest single 'Raquel' sees the Scottish boys of Natalie Pryce in typically intense form as they sing of their love for a model. Not love for a supermodel you understand, more like the love between Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall in Mannequin.  The sinister bass line and thumping drums give an indication of the malicious intent behind this song while the twitchy, unhinged guitars are the musical equivalent of someone with a serious tick sitting next to you on the bus and asking you if you like their trousers. They're not wearing any trousers. The video is all kinds of disturbing and front man Mark Swan is at his eccentric best yelping and gasping his way through the lyrics. Needless to say, I'm still mighty glad that these guys are based in Scotland and I'm in Cornwall but I'll be keeping a close on their tour schedule and if it in any way tallies up with a spate of killings then I shall most certainly be calling Crime Watch.

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