Milky Onions - My Loins Oink 
Milky Onions - My Loins Onions EP

This EP came with a challenge, a challenge to like it in the face of overwhelming disagreement from everyone else who had heard it to date. Now, you can call that a bit of reverse psychology gimmickery but I'm never one to back down from a challenge - just ask those lucky few who once watched me eat a pint of cheese. So, off we go with 'Cigarette Butts (On Your Window Ledge)' which has some gorgeous vocals harmonies, a bouncy bass line and some nice organ sounds to go along with the silly song title. 'Creamy Hours' starts off with a country twang and a healthy slather of rich keys before 48 seconds that is simply called '(Wobbly Interlude)' and features some sinister keyboard melodies without much else.

The pips that introduce 'Powering Down' remind me of hearing Radio 4 wafting out of my mum's kitchen before a scuzzy, 60s influence indie-pop ditty ensues with a certain amount of charm. 'Johnny Don't Wake Me' features some bendy Hawaiian guitars and Beach Boys-esque vocal melodies which are as haunting as they are luscious. The EP finishes up with 'Thank You And Goodbye', a jaunty but sombre track about growing old based around a bouncing organ line. Milky Onions won't be everyone's cup of tea but for many others they will be the perfect cup of irreverent tea not bound to a caffeine based genre of any kind. Challenge = nailed.

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