McCarthy Vigil - McCarthy Vigil EP (Of National Importance Records) 
McCarthy Vigil - McCarthy Vigil EP

Anyone who has the nuts to put the Grim Reaper riding a horse in front of a carousel on the cover of their EP is alright in my book (respect to Annie J Winder for putting that vision together). However, this blog is called Listen With Monger not look at EP artwork with Monger so let's get on with the business at hand. McCarthy Vigil are five lads from Barnsley making a real lo-fi racket which kicks off with 'Luxury Pets', an ambling song of reluctant energy that takes in a series of movements and builds to a noisy, grungy crescendo. All three tracks on this EP are big 'uns but 'Swell Guy' is the biggest at nearly seven minutes long but part of that is down to the sampled sound of some smooth mother lover chatting to the audience. The song itself meanders and sways in a way that the Doors might if they'd hung around long enough to be influenced by prog or punk which is an intriguing prospect if nothing else. Finishing up with 'The Wives', McCarthy Vigil explore their mellower side as well as expanding on their sound which has a very Scottish feel with bands like Mogwai and early Biffy Clyro springing to mind. This isn't particularly accessible stuff and I don't see it getting any mainstream airplay any time soon but if you want something a little more challenging and layered than your average indie band then these lads might just be what you're looking for.

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