Kristy And The Kraks - "s/t" EP (Totally Wired Records) 
Kristy And The Kraks - s/t EP

All female duo Kristy And The Kraks are made up of Kate Kristal and Ana Threat coming straight outta Vienna with their raw, scratchy garage pop. The tremulous guitars and stomping beat of 'I Don't Love You No More' provide the perfect foil for the double act's harmonious caterwauling. 'Twentyone' follows hot on the heels with 42 seconds of basic riffage and the kind of grunts that a bored female tennis player might make. The spookily seductive picking of 'No No No No No' soon gives way to low moans and some slightly angular guitar melodies. The final track is 'Suicide' which sounds like a one man band falling down a staircase with some fortuitous melodies happening on each step. I'm fairly sure Kristy And The Kraks are pretty cool and very much at all the best parties but I can't help but feel that this music works better in a small, dark club full of people wearing sunglasses at midnight.

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10th May - BLA, Bonn