Knuckle - Living Hell 
Knuckle - Living Hell

There is something special about a great band name and for me Knuckle is a cracking band name. I don't know why but it just leaps off the page at punch me in the face perhaps or just sinisterly brush my face while I sleep. Either way, it's a great name. Knuckle are a duo from Huddersfield (or 'Uddersfield as the locals call it) and 'Living Hell' is a slice of dirty, raunchy, bluesy rock pie. There's nothing revolutionary here but just as that old guy down the local in the leather jacket always manages to pull, this music will always make people want to rock out. The Black Keys is the obvious to comparison to make but with a British twist in the shape of the Who or Led Zep. Immensely noisy stuff for a two piece and so dirty you'd need a hot girl in a pair of Daisy Dukes to sponge it down but she'd be pregnant before the job was even half done. If you followed any of that you're a better man than I am but the bottom line is that this rocks and you should get it in your life.

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Live Dates:

26th April - Carpe Diem, Leeds
3rd May - Milo, Live @ Leeds Festival
25th May - Puzzfest, Sowerby Bridge
30th May - Coffee Evolution, Huddersfield