King Deco - Tigris Mini EP (Night Beach) 
King Deco - Tigris Mini EP

Release Date: 14th April 2014

Ugh, there's that annoying format thing again. Three tracks = single, surely? Not 'mini EP', that's just silly. Nevertheless, I'm not one to judge a book by its dust jacket so let's give the music a listen. King Deco is the stage name of Jordanian born singer Dana Salah who is now based in New York and lists Enya and Elvis among her influences. Opening track 'Ocean' immediately throws up those Enya comparisons but there is a slightly middle-eastern influence to the melodies as Salah's vocal style is somewhere between Shakira and Beyonce. 'Laila' is a big, bassy pop ballad with that middle-eastern influence again and the smooth vocal tones of King Deco weave throughout the beats like caramel over the engine of a Formula 1 car. The final of these three tracks is 'One (feat. Kinetics)' which has a timeless quality but not in a particularly good way. King Deco/Dana Salah, whatever you want to call her, has a sumptuous voice but I don't think she's quite found the vehicle for it yet as most of the music sounds like it would have been better placed in a promotional video for an airline company. Even a bit of rapping from Kinetics doesn't quite pull this far enough from the beige Enya influences.

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