Kill J - Bullet (Good Tape Records/ Sound Of Copenhagen / Chess Club Records) 
Kill J - Bullet

Release Date: 7th April 2014

I've had plenty of music from the Swedes recently so it's nice to have something from our Danish cousins to write about. And this really is something worth writing about. Duo Kill J release their new single 'Bullet' next week and if nothing else you need to hear it at least once. For once I'm fairly lost for words but if you imagine Portishead, Bjork, Prodigy and Sleigh Bells writing together on a submarine then you might be starting to scratch the surface of this genius. The delicate vocals of the verse switch to teeth-gritted defiance in the chorus without losing any of the beauty or siren like qualities. Musically, there is an unsettling sparseness throughout which is only occasionally punctured by repetitive, almost mechanical melodies. There is also a video which is worth a few minutes of your time and it's not often I say that these days. Entirely black and white and visually arresting it is akin to 100 powerful art installations merged in to one only to be curated by Lisbeth Salander's slightly more well balanced sister. Only slightly though, keep the sharp objects under lock and key. All round this is something special and I would urge you to enjoy to aural and visual delights on offer here.

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2nd April - Notting Hill Arts Club, London w/Tove Lo