Glory Glory - So Long EP 
Glory Glory - So Long

Release Date: 21st April 2014

Another new Canadian band to get your ears around now in the shape of Halifax trio Glory Glory and their new EP, 'So Long'. The first of the three tracks on this CD is 'Take My Time' which is an instant and joyous slice if indie-pop with sunshine guitars, sexy bass and vocals full of charm and style. These guys would easily make a high school dance go off like Christmas Eve at the Playboy Mansion but there's a certain sincerity about the music that suggests they could easily put together an album full of cracking hooks and tunes as well. Next up is 'Indigo Sun', a song that belongs to the 80s in terms of the gentle, synth heavy melodies and guitars the echo so much you're not sure where they began anymore. Finishing up with 'Everybody Lies', Glory Glory show off their ability to switch styles with ease as they present a song pitched somewhere between Radiohead, latter day Incubus and Black Kids with one of the best indie guitar riffs I've heard in quite a while. I can't get enough of the Canadian music scene at the moment such is the quality but these guys stand out among their peers as being a bit special. All together now, Glory Glory = Hallelujah.

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2nd May - The Brink, Liverpool