Geyser - Geyser EP 
Geyser - Geyser EP

Release Date: 1st April 2014

Good lord this is dirty stuff. From the get go of Geyser's new EP, the Canadian trio are straight on to the accelerator and the distortion pedal. The guitars of 'Feel It All Day' are delightfully scuzzed up almost to the point of oblivion and brings about aural images of the Stooges, the Hives or Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion. 'Copper Wish' has slightly more swagger and subtlety to it but those dark, dirty guitars are still there and although the vocals are more relaxed there is still that serial killer twitch in the voice that makes this unsettling listening. There's a lovely bassline opening to 'Jocko', something you don't hear enough these days, before the swirling, snarling guitars introduce the distorted vocals which slur and spit like a grease ball with nothing to live for and a thirst for blood. The final track of this 12" release is 'Junkie' which returns to that original scuzzed up guitar noise but extends the motif to the bass guitar to really drive the point home. To sum up; dirty guitars, malevolent vocals, seductive bass lines and a drummer that won't quit. Well played, Geyser.

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Live Dates:

3rd April - Izakaya Sushi House, Toronto w/Soft Hell + Coast Redwood
4th April - 47 Davidson, Sudbury w/Babysitter + Bad Policy
11th April - Mugshots, Ottawa w/Babysitter
25th April - Townehouse, Sudbury w/Strange Attractor
8th May - CMW, Toronto

13th June - Phog Lounge, Windsor w/Good Things