Gary Numan - I Am Dust (Mortal Records) 
Gary Numan - I Am Dust

Do you know what I like about Gary Numan? What I like about Gary Numan is that he sticks to his guns, musically speaking, and this might not always have brought him success but he's stuck with it. And he seems like a nice guy. Anyway, this new release, 'I Am Dust', is taken from his forthcoming album is a triumph in what Numan does best - dark but catchy industrial electro pop. Mechanical rhythms battle with a droning bass line and synths pitch bent to within an inch of their lives. It's darkly sexy stuff topped off with Numan's trademark vocal which switches from the near spoken word to pained cries with consummate ease. 'I Am Dust' is a big tune which should go down well in the right kind of clubs (more Soho than Chelsea) and the video is an interesting prospect as it fits perfectly with the song but does slightly resemble an 80s VHS that's been left too near a magnet and then lost the tracking slightly.

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Live Dates:

4th July - Sonisphere Festival
16th August - Alt-Fest, Kettering

28th November - Hammersmith Apollo, London