Emma Garrett - Emma Garrett EP 
Emma Garrett - Emma Garrett EP

Release Date: 5th May 2014

When you see the words Singer-Songwriter you tend to think of someone hunched over an acoustic guitar, maybe a piano, singing gentle tunes. Emma Garrett is not of this ilk. The three tracks that comprise this EP are passionate, intense and destined for bigger things. Opening track 'Dose Me Up' sees the London based chanteuse combine folk, indie, orchestral and rock styles to create a more organic version of Muse with Alison Moyet on vocals - Alison Moyet with a better range, I might add. The sinister key of 'This Is It' combines superbly with Garrett's breathless vocals to create an Anna Calvi-esque piece of music with a Florence Welch performance. At over thirteen minutes long, this EP is huge considering there are only three tracks but that's where Garrett's classical bent comes in to play as each track is like a movement in its own right. Final track 'Change Your Bones' is perhaps the most accessible of the three with a steady acoustic strum, luscious strings and a vocal melody that the likes of Ellie Goulding would jump on. I'm aware that I've done a lot of comparing Emma Garrett to other female artists (Muse aside) but sometimes you have to put female singer songwriters in to this pigeon hole when they are so strong and innovative. These songs, in the hands of a man, would not have the same resonance or power so it would be unfair to draw that comparison. Intensely beautiful stuff.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/EmmaGarrettSingerSongwriter