D/C - Devil On My Shoulder EP 
D/C - Devil On My Shoulder

Sometimes music just steps up and meets your mood, like an old friend turning up at your door to take you to the pub for a couple of pints when you just need to bend their ear about the shitty day you've had. D/C, a 23 year old Londoner, steps in to that role tonight with his reassuring but blissed out take on song crafting. 'Devil On My Shoulder' opens up this EP and the gentle strings sooth my blistered nerves while the delicate keys ripple over my worries like water on pebbles. D/C's voice has a calming effect, ironically fulfilling the role of the soothing angel on the opposing shoulder. There is more of a street Jazz feel to 'I Got The Love' which is not a response to the Candi Staton classic but is actually more akin to merging of styles between James Blake and Laura Mvula.

On 'New Daughter' D/C explores the use of voice as an instrument with only some subtle harp and electro beat accompaniment to great effect. This EP is the sound of somebody experimenting and doing exactly what they should do at this stage of their careers - leaving their options open. 'Waiting For You' continues the use of voice as the sound of semi-drunk vocal harmonies in the background provide a platform for D/C's lazily soulful tones to unfold luxuriously. Final track 'Epiphany' could be drifting from the dimly lit doorway of a bar during the prohibition and, if sped up, could easily be a soul-pop smash but I like it just the way it is - cool, calm and soothingly dark. Do yourself a favour; pour yourself a sipping drink, find a comfy chair in a low lit room and settle in to some D/C.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/thatdckid

Live Dates:

8th May - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton