Daniel Wilson - Young Rubbish EP (Zap Records) 
Daniel Wilson - Young Rubbish

I've been waiting for this one for a while now as Daniel Wilson has a genuinely unique vocal talent and a fresh approach to music that just can't be ignored. This EP from the Detroit based Wilson is a triumph in the understated yet epic, the soulful yet futuristic and then organic yet electronic. Opening track 'Please Dream Again' is an early morning ground swell of noises from organs to whistles to vocals that build in to a beautifully cacophonous crescendo. 'Trigger Dance' is a more modern soul song along the lines of Metronomy with simple synths giving Wilson's voice the room to soar and caress in equal measure.

It would almost be worth keeping this EP in hibernation until the Autumn as the tones are so warm and enveloping that you would want to wrap up in them while you watch the rain or snow fall heavily outside. 'Will You' is certainly one such tune with subtle melodies trickling around in the shadow cast by Wilson's bright light. EP title track 'Young Rubbish' is a more lively affair with hints of Stevie Wonder and the sound Bruno Mars wishes he could make. The mingling of vocals and keys is timed sublimely to create a poppy, soulful sound that owes a lot to the lighter end of the Motown spectrum. The EP finishes up with a bonus track by the name of 'If You Talk' which is an altogether more modern affair with a hypnotic melody full of optimism and hope as well as soaring vocals that reach from soulful depths to soaring heights. Wilson is certainly a talent and has a refreshingly simplistic approach to his music, I just hope he either finds a big enough crossover tune or makes his peace with being critically acclaimed without selling millions.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/danielwilsonmusik