Chasing Dragons - Broken Jaws (Trash Unreal Management) 
Chasing Dragons - Broken Jaws

Release Date: 5th May 2014

Shit a brick! This new single from Leeds quartet Chasing Dragons starts like a kick in the face only to find that the foot belongs to [insert your sexual fantasy here] and they're wearing nothing but a smile and whipped cream. 'Broken Jaws' starts with an ominous drum riff before guitarist Mitch breaks out the mother of all chops and suddenly I want to be wearing a lot of denim and leather with improbably angled hair. This is powerful, relentless stuff drawing on classics like Iron Maiden but giving it a modern, US inspired twist as vocalist Tank shows off her impressive vocals skills which go from sweet and melodic to screeching and wailing. Proceedings finish up with a reprise of THAT riff which is fricking awesome and then you realise it was all a dream and you have just been nuzzling a chair leg and muttering "oh Uma....". Awesome, awesome stuff.

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Live Dates:

2nd May - The Parish, Huddersfield (unplugged)
14th June - Salutation, Nottingham
21st June - The Riverside, Selby
26th June - Corporation, Sheffield

27th June - Rhyl, Wales


  1. Stunning new single. This band shows such great promise and potential. Looking forward to hearing much more from them.


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