Cavalry - Demo 
Cavalry - Demo

OK, I hold my hands up. When I read that these guys had only formed in late 2013 and were already getting championed by Radio 1 I admit that my first thought was that they must have been constructed by some pop impresario with ridiculous hair and model girlfriend. What seems to be closer to the truth, however, is that Cavalry are just the latest in a long line of Liverpool bands with an innate ability to write catchy pop tunes full of pathos and wisdom. The two tracks that have been revealed so far start with 'Leaves' which is a heartbreaking song along the lines of the Verve meets the Coral with a bit of Shack and some sombre country music thrown in for good measure. 'Lament' is the other song on offer and it's a slightly more delicate affair as gentle guitar notes dance like rain on a windowsill as the vocals of Alan Croft stumble out across the grey day. The song picks up to provide more of a stirring, inspirational mood for the listener to immerse themselves in and this is where Cavalry excel. They might not ever be featured on an 'indie disco floor fillers' CD compilation but if you want well crafted, emotionally complex and catchy songs with lots of guitars then these might just be your guys. Give 'em a call, they're not bad for a band that's existed for less than a year, not bad at all.

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11th April - Korova Club, Liverpool

1st May - Liverpool Sound City