Biscuit Mouth - Roll Into The Dancer 
Biscuit Mouth - Roll Into The Dancer

Biscuit Mouth is the sound of a Texas oil tycoon who has lost all his money and decided to spend his last days getting industrial strength wasted in Glasgow, only pausing to scream at lampposts and small dogs. The guttural rumble of bass and drums that runs through 'Roll Into The Dancer' is like raw, untapped energy but it's the vocal yelps and broken glass guitars that gives this song a real Pixies feel. Much as the Pixies are a Marmite band, not everyone will like Biscuit Mouth but even if you don't enjoy the music you will surely have to agree that the video is a lot of fun as it features a perverted car who likes to watch pale skinned men in blue shorts dance in the unforgiving glare of its headlights. Don't believe me? Then you're a fool.

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