Arkells - Never Thought This Would Happen (Heavy Plaid/Universal Music Canada) 
Arkells - Never Thought This Would Happen

The latest wave of the Canadian invasion is here (relentless, isn't it?) and it comes in the shape of five guys named Arkells. 'Never Thought This Would Happen' is great indie pop song in the classic sense with guitar solos, vocal harmonies and a crescendo that builds from the first note to the last. Arkells take the look of Vampire Weekend, the pomposity of the Killers or Queen at their poppiest and the gentlemanly swagger of David Bowie. The curious thing about the gloriously warm and engaging song is the English feel it has which puts me in mind of that first album by the Feeling or some of Elton John's better work. There's a timeless quality to this single which speaks volumes for the band but I don't think it's likely to be a huge hit unless it gets used in a film or on an advert. Great song though and a band I'll be keeping an ear on from now on.

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