Friday, 4 April 2014


Ali Ingle - The Locker 
Ali Ingle - The Locker

Prejudice is a funny thing. When I read that Ali Ingle was a singer-songwriter from Liverpool I expected something a bit earthy, a bit cheeky and maybe with energetically strummed acoustic guitar. What Mr Ingle actually is, delightfully, is a deadpan songwriter influenced by American slackers with a monotonously seductive vocal style. 'The Locker' is a song of realisation that features a musical bed of throbbing bass notes topped with spiralling guitar notes and a shuffling beat that is more Sunday morning than Saturday night. Ingle's vocal style is pleasingly nasal and owes more to the West coast of America than the North West of England. Whatever, it's a great tune fuelled by disappointment and lethargy - something I think we can all get onboard with.

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