Witching Waves - Concrete (Soft Power Records) 

Witching Waves - Concrete
Release Date: 21st April 2014

Now this is what you call lo-fi, underground and raw. Witching Waves are a boy-girl duo from London town who play their instruments like they mean it but I don't think they're entirely sure what they mean. This forthcoming cassette single, 'Concrete', is a must for anyone who loves theirs guitars jangly, their drums basic but brutal and their vocals with a hint of boredom. There are some lovely vocal melodies which are part riot grrrl and part menacing sociopath depending on which of the duo is singing. Not to mention the lovely little false ending the passion with which these guys play their music, like they've had to save up for every note and then stand in line for an hour to collect them.

More information/Listen: http://witchingwaves.bandcamp.com/