Wet Denim - Wet Denim 
Wet Denim - Wet Denim

So far I've typed the words Wet Denim three times (OK, four now). It just makes me feel uncomfortable like I've wet myself or fallen in a puddle in front of all my friends and nobody was even filming to sell to one of those home video shows. Icky is the word. Icky and uncomfortable. As is often the way with these things, the music is anything but uncomfortable as the Canadian quartet delicately pump the keys and lazily thump the tubs on 'Demagnetize' and 'Greater Love'. The gentle, indie sway of 'Last Night' is somewhere between Belly and Belinda Carlisle while 'Leisure' feels like Kraftwerk with bored 80s girls on vocals. 'My Guy' has a seductive scuzzy sway to it like that girl you know that dresses so innocently but likes to flash you her wicked smile when nobody else is looking.

The ladies of Wet Denim have carefully crafted their lo-fi indie jangle with the added treat of some Manzarek-esque keys work sprinkled liberally throughout the album. The wild west chords of 'Small Town' show this keys work off perfectly as the subdued vocals emerge from the smoky shadows like a sultry siren song. There is a wonderfully sunny, West Coast feel to 'Surf Song' that is somewhere between Best Coast, the Beach Boys and the Carpenters but then 'Take A Walk' has a more English feel to it with its rippling notes like freshly melted spring water running over smooth, rounded pebbles. The album finishes with a track called 'Truth Bombs' which sounds like something Rikki Lake would 'drop' on her 90s chat show but is in fact highly reminiscent of other LWM favourites September Girls. Wet Denim have a great ability for making infectious but gentle indie pop tunes that put you in a damn fine mood. Yes sir.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wet-Denim/580294718705042?fref=ts