Wax Futures - A History Of Things To Come (Hometown Strategies/Distorted Tapes) 
Wax Futures - A History Of Things To Come

Release Date: 10th March 2014

Telford's finest trio of hard rocking badasses are back with seven tracks of balls to wall awesomeness. Much like the music I'm going to get straight down to business and tell you that 'Breadcrumbs', a recent single, opens the album and goes from zero to hell yeah in about 0.25 seconds of riffs and drums. 'Clock And Clocks And Clocks' is a little more straight up hard rock but it's the energy that Wax Futures exude that make sure you know their live shows are sure to be legendary. Going for the commercial market of day time advertising during the break in Loose Women, 'Laser Eye Surgery' is pitched somewhere in the middle of a Venn diagram containing Reuben, A and Cable which is one hell of a diagram whichever way you cook it.

The pounding drums and staccato guitars that introduce 'Histories' suggest a hint of punk about these guys as they go for the shouty gang chorus that is always welcome on a song of this ilk. Possibly the most mainstream and Hundred Reasons sounding track on this collection is 'Smoke & Mirrors' which finishes up the standard portion of the record before we get in to something altogether unexpected and intriguing. Considering the reference points given above you wouldn't necessarily expect a couple of dance remixes tagged on the end of this EP but that's exactly what you get. First up is 'Histories' as remixed by Faux Plissken and it really, really works as the bleeps and angular beats take things to a different level and gives the tune an 80s goth feel that I just didn't think was possible. The Chaotix Remix of 'Breadcrumbs' starts with a raw vocal track before the hectic, ZX Spectrum soundtrack kicks in and we're transported to a world that couldn't be further from the original tune. On the one hand, Wax Futures are an absolutely stunning hard rocking trio who would make me willingly sweat and jump around gleefully at a show. On the other hand, they have a sense of pushing boundaries with their music that most bands of their type wouldn't be interested in exploring. Put those hands together and you have a musical high five of epic proportions. Or at least a clap.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/waxfutures?fref=ts

Live Dates:

8th March - The Haygate, Telford w/Burning Alms + A Pig Called Eggs + Fauxchisels

29th March - Railway Tavern, Nuneaton w/Go Lazarus