Vinicius Boppre - Quarta-Feira 
Vinicius Boppre - Quarta Feira

Well this is a bit of an enigmatic one. Vinicius Boppre is a Sao Paulo resident, journalist and musician who decided that a bout of gastritis and the four day carnival was the perfect opportunity to lock himself away and bash out a four track EP named Quarta-Feira (Wednesday is the literal translation as this work was completed on Ash Wednesday). Other than that, there is precious little information out there on this music or the musician so we'll just have to let the music do the talking, as they say. '5.00am' begins much like the hour in the title - tired, stumbling over notes, bleary eyed and slightly disorientated as notes bump off each other and noises stutter in and out of the periphery. This is ambient music of the most subtle variety and 'Hovering' confirms this with sparse key strokes, intermittent beats and a fantastic use of space between the notes.

The intriguingly titled 'Lives Beyond The Sky With His Colourful Kite' is a dark, brooding beast emerging from the misty lake as if in a Manga film about misunderstood monsters. The deep, electronic whir and occasional high piano note give a feeling of mystery and foreboding before a lightness appears towards the end with plucked guitar notes leading the way. This EP finishes up with 'De Cinzas', a short and hopeful piece of Morse code infused electro noise with a brief piano riff to signal the end. Boppre has possibly created the most non-carnival feeling EP to have been recorded during the carnival ever but that is what makes it so delightful. This anti-carnival music won't be for everyone but if you like musical landscapes with sparse horizons then this is your guy.

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