The Tuesday Club - New Glamour 
The Tuesday Club - New Glamour

Release Date: 7th April 2014

When I were a lad all this were just fields....sorry, what I mean is, when I was at university in Sheffield a group of us would regularly head down to the student union at the posh uni (we were at the old poly) and get our Drum'n'Bass fix at something called the Tuesday Club. I was never that keen on Drum'n'Bass but once you've been to all the indie-alternative nights it's nice to try something different. This release has nothing to do with those nights or Drum'n'Bass but it did make me relieve those nights for a brief moment and recall the taste of Jagermeister shots. This two track single starts with 'New Glamour' which is a slinky, swaggering piece of rock'n'roll fun that the likes of Space, the Blockheads or Frank Zappa  might chop out with eccentric vocals and big organ stabs to drive things along. 'New Glamour' is an entirely entertaining piece of pop-punk-rock but at over four minutes long it sort of falls between the cracks in that it is neither instant and snappy nor meandering and explorative. The other track on this release is 'Old Before Your Time', another four minuter, which has a great B52s style intro and some fuzzy guitars that go brilliantly with the gang style vocals. The slightly odd thing though is that this is prime three piece power-pop indie-rock but there 8 (that's eight) of them which doesn't really come across in the music as not one of them is even playing the Bagpipes or penny whistle. A missed opportunity to mess with the genre methinks!

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Live Dates:

19th March - The Boot, St Albans
5th April - Paper Dress Vintage, London
26th April - Trestle Arts Centre, St Albans
12th July - Farmers Boy, St Albans
1st November - Farmers Boy, St Albans

6th December - Farmers Boy, St Albans