The Talks - Don't Look Behind You 
The Talks - Don't Look Behind You

Release Date: 28th April 2014

I love a bit of ska, me. It's great fun to dance to and there usually some fun lyrics to sing along to while you skank with a pint in your hand. Kingston-upon-Hull lads The Talks are indie-ska lovers and their new single 'Don't Look Behind You' wears that influence on its sleeve. The problem I have with this particular release, however, is that the keyboard melody sounds a bit like a demented icecream van and the rest of the song sounds like a cross between Space and Hard-Fi which is not something anybody really wants if they're honest with themselves. There are some nice punky vocals and a tight rhythm section but there's nothing else I can really hook in to on this one so I'll just keep this one short but sweet. Over and out.

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Live Dates:

28th March - El Metteko, Brussels
29th March - Supermarkt, Zoersel
3rd April - South Sea, Sheffield
4th April - The Moorings Bar, Aberdeen
5th April - The Steampunk Cafe, Glasgow
6th April - The Citrus Club, Edinburgh
11th April - The Winchester Gate, Salisbury
12th April - Carnabys, Weston Super Mare
13th April - The Hairy Dog, Derby w/Random Hand
15th April - Lady Luck, Canterbury
16th April - Dublin Castle, London
18th April - The Duchess, York w/From The Jamm
19th April - Mfn, Nottingham
24th April - The Leopard, Doncaster
25th April - The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
1st May - The Piper, Hull
2nd May - The Donkey, Leicester

31st May - Camden Rocks @ The Good Mixer, London