The Shy Lips - She Was Born In Bahia 
The Shy Lips - She Was Born In Bahia

Release Date: 11th April 2014

Take a bit of the Beach Boys, a pinch of the Strokes, a soupcon of the Hives and a waft of Grass Show, mix it all together with a Fender and then bake it in an oven built out of the more gang mentality Beatles songs. The resultant cake will sound an awful lot like Sweden's The Shy Lips and their new single 'She Was Born In Bahia', if cakes have a sound, that is. Swaggering vocals, choppy indie guitars and a sense that these 4 guys were more than a little 'merry'  when they recorded this. But that's part of why I absolutely love this single, it's the sense of being part of a gang or collective that's missing from so many bands these days which makes 'She Was Born In Bahia' such a delight. I'd heartily recommend that you get yourself some of this and bounce around your living room with a big, sweaty grin on your face......go on then.

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