Friday, 28 March 2014


The Shaker Hymn - The Runaway 
The Shaker Hymn - The Runaway

This new single from Cork lads The Shaker Hymn feels a little bit like falling asleep on the sofa on a Saturday night only to wake up and have to decide whether you want to move or not. There is a warmth to 'The Runaway' which exudes from every inch of the fuzzy guitars, rolling drums and soft drawling vocals like the warmth of a sofa that you've been melting in to for the past few hours in front of a well love movie (let's say Caddy Shack). But at the same time there's an uncomfortable, slightly uneasy feeling in the air caused by the nervous tones to the vocals and anxious guitar solo much like the thought of moving from your warm spot to go to bed. You know you should go to bed as a night on the sofa won't do your back any good but that means moving and probably getting cold. The only thing this song doesn't do is replicate the realisation that you need a pee anyway so you have to get up regardless of what you want to do. Maybe that's on the B-side. Tasty and invigorating staff anyway, sofa analogies aside, which bodes well for the predicted Irish revolution I've mentioned a few times. It's coming people, you heard it here first...

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