The Irrepressibles - Nude : Landscapes (Cooperative Music/Universal Music) 
The Irrepressibles - Nude : Landscapes

Release Date: 24th March 2014

Man, there are a lot of these guys. There's Jamie, Nicole, Charlie, Jordan, Chloe, Sarah, James and Ian. One of these people plays an instrument called the Xylo-synth and at least one of them is from Scarborough which is where my Gran, rest her soul, was from so they're alright by me already. The opening to this EP, however, is so starkly beautiful that you can't help but stop what you are doing to listen as a solo male voice sings out from the corner of a dark room before piano, violin and what I think is a rattling guitar join in on 'Out World It Fell So Quietly'. Immediately you are aware that here is a band doing things very, very differently in creating Oscar-worthy film scores without a film to inspire or guide them. Jamie McDermott's soft, soulful vocals are at the fore again on 'New World', carried only by the gentle piano chords and the listener is transported to a place between the Ministry of Sound chillout sessions and an emotional place from all the most heartrending films you've ever seen. I'm talking Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story 2 - essentially anything where Tom Hanks is in trouble and slow-mo is used..

'Wind' is about 10 seconds of the sound of wind (the natural force not a post-sprouts moment of unfortunateness) which gives way to 'Arrow', a song so obviously about love that it pours from every instrument in the lush aural surroundings as the heartbeat drums boom deep inside your chest. '(sea)' is a lot like 'Wind' but it's in brackets and is, well, the sound of the sea instead of wind. 'Ship', however, is a magically nautical tale that takes some inspiration from the ballads of the likes of Spandau Ballet whilst whipping up an orchestral frenzy. Slightly surprisingly, 'Needing Release' starts with a simple acoustic guitar melody and McDermott's voice grazing the surface only to be joined by some perfectly subtle harmonies. And just when you thought you had this lot sussed out, they go and finish up with the most haunting version of Elvis Presley's 'Always On My Mind' that you will ever hear. The piano and vocal combination will make this a top choice for indie funerals in the next 40-50 years but, all flippancy aside, when the strings swell and the piano crescendos you would have to be incredibly hard hearted not to at least well up a bit. Creatively speaking, The Irrepressibles have got to be one of the most intriguing and exciting acts around with the potential to do anything they want. Apart from taking a taxi anywhere together, there are just too many of them.

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Live Dates:

26th March - Village Underground, London
29th March - Stealth Nightclub, Nottingham
31st March - Deaf Institute, Manchester
3rd April - The Cellar Bar, Oxford
4th April - ARC, Stockton-On-Tees
5th April - Tin Angel Music & Arts, Coventry
6th April - The Fleece, Bristol
8th April - Whelans, Dublin
9th April - The Black Box, Belfast