The Great Socio - Find The Time 
The Great Socio - Find The Time

Despite the name, The Great Socio is not a circus ring master but is, in fact, a groove laden rock band from the mighty Philadelphia - birth home of the Fresh Prince and cheese steaks. That said, there is something of the circus performer about the Red Hot Chili Peppers meets System Of A Down rock of opening track 'The World's Alive' which has some of the cheapest sounding keyboards I have heard in a long time but still rocks. Next up is 'Criminals', a track possibly still trapped in the 90s post grunge but pre-nu metal era but with a healthy slathering of 70s groove rock organs just to fill in any cracks. 'Let Go' harks back to RHCP again but with more horns while 'Paradise' is early Incubus doing a Doors song for a Bond film - if you can possibly imagine that. The snarling, growling bass line of 'Anything Everything' battles with the organ of Matt Montgomery to create wonderful whirlpool of rock'n'roll before this short album finishes up with 'Vultures', a song full of atmospheric horns and dramatic vocal delivery. If you like your rock with a heavy groove, big organs and the occasional spurt of rapped vocals then these guys will be right up your street. And if you don't like all that then give them a listen anyway as they seem to have had a lot of fun making their music, which is nice.

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Live Dates:

13th March - Burnside's Tavern, Austin
14th March - Bourbon Girl, Austin
14th March - One Koast Fest @ The Lodge, Austin
15th March - Home Away From Home Festival, Austin
18th March - Douglas Corner Cafe, Nashville

19th March - One Stop Deli and Bar, Ahseville