Postcards From Jeff - Postcards From Jeff EP (Alien Boutique) 
Postcards From Jeff - EP

Ah Manchester. I have some very fond memories of the city and some wonderful friends clutched close to its bosom. Josh Worthington is also from Manchester and he likes to produce records and then, in his spare time, create spacey, dreamy indie jangles under the guise of Postcards From Jeff in the comfort of his own home. And why not. This unusually short EP (just three tracks) starts with 'A House' which has sumptuous layers of organs, a galloping rhythm and the kind of vocals that we've come to know and love from our Manchester bands and the likes of Bernard Sumner. Then comes a Flight Of The Conchords song title if ever I heard one in 'Agoraphobic House Party' which floats and weaves effortlessly through a field virtual corn like some graceful electronic bird soaking up the summer rays. This could easily be the work of Gilbert or a live Lemon Jelly release such is the effortless blend between electronic melodies and organic songwriting. The final track of this mini trilogy is 'Awake' which, arguably, has a little more punch to it than the other two tracks but it is also undeniably filmic in approach and would be perfect for an American indie flick in the vein of Juno or basically anything else with Michael Cera in it. Josh is clearly a talented guy and I can't deny that he's caught my attention but I wouldn't mind seeing what he can do if he really goes for it as I think he could achieve something akin to what the Flaming Lips produce on a regular basis. Once again, well played Manchester.

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