Nine Black Alps - Supermarket Clothes (Hatch Records) 
Nine Black Alps - Supermarket Clothes

I knew a guy once who used to rave about Nine Black Alps at every opportunity to the point at which I decided I didn't like the band purely on the basis of this annoying habit. Later in life, however, I pulled my head out of my arse and started to form better opinions, one of which was that Nine Black Alps are actually pretty awesome. 'Supermarket Clothes' is an instant and impatient piece of indie-pop noise that will appeal to everyone who likes to jump around without any sense of coordination at indie discos. A choppy, circular riff draws you in and the band then do a bang up job of sounding like Weezer, Sebadoh, Folk Implosion or any number of US indie slacker bands. There's a whole new album on the way and I feel like this song will make even more context in that format but as an opening salvo 'Supermarket Clothes' is a gloriously melodic racket.

Live Dates:

22nd April - Fruit, Hull
23rd April - Rock City Basement, Nottingham
24th April - Live Rooms, Chester
25th April - The Underground, Stoke
26th April - The Hop, Wakefield
28th April - Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes
29th April - The Bowery District, Reading
30th April - The Fleece, Bristol
1st May - The Flapper, Birmingham
2nd May - Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
3rd May - Audio, Glasgow

31st May - Camden Rocks, London