Nina - My Mistake (Aztec Records) 
Nina - My Mistake

Berliner Nina is back with a new single and it demands that you get your best sexy dancing moves out from the get-go. The low, synth thrum that opens 'My Mistake' is pure 80s dance bliss but with added 21st century lust. This is the song Madonna wishes Goldfrapp had written for her, just begging to be remixed by Daft Punk or Justice and played all over E4 to advertise beautiful American TV shows. Nina's voice floats seductively over the top of the layers of 80s sounds and you can't help but feel this tune is destined for a remake of a classic film from the decade of neon and hairspray. Maybe over a montage scene. For Weird Science? Nah, they wouldn't touch that....would they?

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Live Dates:

5th April - The Islington, London
3rd May - Heebie Jeebies, Liverpool

14th June - Underbelly, Hoxton