NARCS - Coast To Coast/Souvenir (Clue Records) 
NARCS - Coast To Coast/Souvenir

Release Date: 1st April 2014

Regular readers will know of the love LWM has for Clue Records and everything they are doing as a fledgling British label so those readers won't be surprised to hear that I am a huge fan of NARCS and particularly their new double A-side single. Kicking off with 'Coast To Coast', NARCS reaffirm their position as one of the UK's leading purveyors of intelligent, articulate, passionate and infectious indie-rock that falls somewhere between Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro and the Maccabees. 'Souvenir' follows which has more of a blues rock feel but it's the charismatic vocals of frontman Wilko and sinister minor keys that give NARCS the edge over other pretenders to the throne of the young princes.

You can download this single for a minimum of £2 (you can pay more and you should pay more) as you don't just get the two main tracks but you're also treated to three excellent live recordings from sessions at the Leeds College of Music and this is where the band come alive. 'Sandchild' comes first and is an undulating, heavy beast driven by urgent drums and quick-fire guitar work that spits out riffs faster than fingers should reasonably be expected to work. On 'Collisions' NARCS take a slightly more prog-rock approach to things with some explorations of feedback before the weight of a thousand guitars comes crashing through the speakers and Wilko's vocals sneer at you like the voice of the Child Catcher who has diversified and will gladly snatch anyone off the streets if the fee is right. The single finishes up with 'Tall Grass' which, for the first time, shows a more tender side to the quartet as guitar strings are gently plucked and the melodies ripple like water from a melting glacier. Nevertheless, the chime of a soft cymbal suggests something lurking in the shadows and, sure enough, a thudding, nostril flaring beast slowly emerges in the half light before letting out an almighty, blood curdling roar full of crashing cymbals, wall-of-sound guitars and always that persistent bass like a horrible heart beat. NARCS have got it on pretty much all fronts: talent, ideas, imagination, ability, a great band mentality. Kinda makes you sick. I bet their junk is huge as well. Gits.

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Live Dates:

31st March - The Brudenell, Leeds w/The Witch Hunt
4th April - The Library, Leeds

3rd May - Live At Leeds