Manuals - In A Clean, Well Lighted Place (Get In To It Records) 
Manuals - In A Clean, Well Lighted Place

Alex and Andy are from Leeds and they are the raw energy behind Manuals. Raw is the operative word here as this is a blast of grungy, distorted, wall-of-noise guitar music that is as rough around the edges as it is full of vitality. The slab of sound that is 'In A Clean, Well Lighted Place' has a heaviness that combines with vulnerability to evoke thoughts of Reuben or My Vitriol in their prime. I do genuinely worry for the future of bass guitarists in rock though if you can make a noise of this size with just guitar and drums. 'A Room Of Our Own' is the other track to feature here and it's something of a slow jam in hardcore terms. The twisted and barely held together guitar notes are kept in motion by the powerhouse drums before the pained and distorted vocals skew out of the speakers. The production quality isn't the best on these songs but these days it's actually quite nice to hear a band who have put more effort in to just creating music they feel passionately about rather than getting to send pitch perfect and smooth. Raw and unaffected stuff which is A.O.K. by me.

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28th June - The Dog & Parrot, Newcastle Upon Tyne