Lizzyspit - Trouble Lies Deep EP (Rifton Records) 
Lizzyspit - Trouble Lies Deep

Release Date: 1st April 2014

Lizzyspit presents something of a conundrum for me. One the one hand, this Aussie import now residing in London performs some dusky, soulful acoustic songs that come from experience and pluck at the heartstrings. On the other hand, she's a global internet phenomenon because of her videos and live online performances - both done without taking any clothes off which it is sad to have to note but worth applauding these days. So soulful songwriting meets electronic mass self-marketing and Lizzyspit is the outcome, the beautiful outcome I might add. The opening track of this EP, 'Once Upon A Time', is a beautifully sad tale of the one that got away and the regret or what-might-have-beens that goes with it. 'All Dressed Up Nowhere To Go', however, shows the antipodean's voice off in a much better light as she flits from frail and subdued to gritted teeth determination atop undulating rhythms and sparsely used guitars.

Now, for a wonderfully honest song title look no further than 'Goodbye (To The Ones Who Screwed You Over)'. The song starts gently with some strings in the background and a carefully plucked acoustic before the Ed Sheeran style percussion grows and Lizzyspit's voice becomes ever more determined. 'Gone Gone Gone (Acoustic)' is the closing track to this collection and nicely wraps up an EP that has an overall theme of endings of relationships or eras. Essentially, if you're a fan of the likes of Ben Howard or Ellie Goulding and you're going through some kind of break up then this is almost the perfect CD for you to wallow in for a week or so. And don't worry, we'll be round in a week or so bring you some chocolate, wine and sensitively suggest that it might be time to give showering another go.

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Live Dates:

 20th March - 12 Bar Club, London

19th Mary - The Bedford, London