Jules Rendell - The Lotus Bloom EP 
Jules Rendell - The Lotus Bloom

Release Date: 7th April 2014

OK, we can approach this a couple of different ways. I could tell you that Jules is a Brummie living in London who has sung backing vocals for Aled Jones and Nicole Scherzinger in the past. Or I could tell you that Ms Rendell is an accomplished pianist who has performed with Gorillaz at the Manchester Opera House. Depending on the information you receive, you might have slightly different perceptions of this artist but when you hear her voice then you know exactly what you're dealing with. Kicking off with 'Destination' and straightaway you're treated to Rendell's soulful voice and funky rhythm as she sings a life affirming song about shedding the shackles of modern society and enjoying the journey through life - a hippy? Me? I wish. 'Carry On' has a more 80s ballad feel to it but that may be just because I've watched Working Girl in the past week and this song immediately conjured up images of Melanie Griffith in ridiculous shoulder pads trying to make her way in a male dominated world.

The middle of this five track EP sees our heroine take centre stage on both piano and vocal duties as 'The Lotus Bloom' is presented for your pleasure. The smoky piano playing and oh-so-soulful piano playing is so pure and unaffected that you can't help but just stop and listen - I'd go so far as to recommend closing your eyes and letting the music wash over you too. There is an innocent sweetness to 'A Token Of My Love' which has a very 90s feel to in the vein of artists like Gabrielle or Eternal which may not be the coolest reference points but at least these were vocalists who traded on their ability to sing not how much flesh they could show in a video or how many thinly veiled references to sex they could make in their lyrics. Final track, 'One Day', has a beautiful, rippling piano riff which gives way to string stabs and an uplifting melody that demands a black and white video about people struggling in the face of adversity to go with Rendell's soaring vocals. This won't be everyone's cup of tea (what is?) but I am entirely convinced of the basis of Jules Rendell's obvious talent and her ability to write a well constructed song that relies on ability instead of gimmicks or cleavage. Well played that lady.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/julesrendellmusic?fref=ts