Heming Wave - Our Romance Ghost EP 
Heming Wave - Our Romance Ghost

Release Date: March 2014

Sometimes, you get served up with a menu of combinations that is too mouth-watering to ignore and this is one of those times. Heming Wave are a French quartet who take inspiration from the likes of Interpol, The Strokes, The Dandy Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Grizzly Bear - what a delightfully tantalising prospect. The EP opens with the single 'Rodeo' which is abundant with Kings Of Leon style swagger and a French Morrisey on vocals and if that doesn't float your boat then let's hop on to the next track and see what's happening there. 'Forever Always' is a more considered and gentle song with atmospheric guitars and a real sense of desperation as the chorus spins in a spiral of despair.

The urgency of 'Dive In The Ocean' really embraces those Strokes and Interpol influences with both arms wrapped around the flailing torso of the early noughties indie kid. It almost goes without saying but the Gallic flair of Heming Wave mixed with their chosen musical upbringing creates a sexy and devil may care vibe throughout the EP. This never more evident than on 'Misty Life', a gently seductive piece of music that the National would be proud of as it snakes in to your consciousness wearing a sharp suit and two days worth of stubble. 'Poison' finishes affairs up nicely with chiming guitars and a rumbling bass line that could only be played at arm's length with a look of studied boredom upon the face of the four string maestro. As hoped for, the mix of French cool and some carefully selected influences gives Heming Wave a marvellously unique sound that should have indie purists salivating over their Converse.

Live Dates:

19th March - Ca Va Monter d'un Ton (Radio France Bleu Showcase), Clermont
17th May - Kraspek Myzik, Lyon
23rd May - Centre Helitas, Aurillac

23rd August - Pein Air, Saint Flour, w/Hill Valley