Hauschka - Adgam 
Hauschka - Adgam

The words 'neoclassical' and 'pioneer' do not often appear in my inbox and I must admit to a soupcon of nervousness at the prospect of reviewing a genre of music that I am almost completely unaware of. Nevertheless, Hauschka seems like a nice guy with a healthy attitude to life and music so I thought I'd dive right in and see what was occurring. 'Adgam' clearly has classical overtones with melodic and sometimes dissonant pianos running throughout as well as a few carefully plucked strings giving the piece a sense of urgency. However, it's the subtle electronic rhythms that bring the 'neo' element to 'Adgam' and turn this in to something that you might expect dance music explorers to come up with. Elements of techno and trance are apparent as well as a dark, industrial, almost Prussian feel to the melodies as this strange new world unfolds over nearly five minutes. Essentially, what I'm saying is that this would have been perfect for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics but Hauschka probably played a blinder in avoiding that political time bomb. Wow, did I just write Winter Olympics and bomb in the same sentence? Twice? That should get the hit rate up...

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Live Dates:

26th March - Cafe Oto, London (SOLD OUT)
10th May - Howard Assembly Room, Leeds
14th May - South Street Arts, Reading
15th May - Colston Hall @ The Lantern, Bristol

16th May - Burgess Foundation, Manchester