DMA's - Delete (I Oh You Records) 
DMA's - Delete

This is a little taster ahead of a new EP from these new Aussie upstarts and this is one of those opportunities to get in on the ground floor. DMA's are a trio of lifelong buddies who have obviously spent a fair amount of time listening to British Indie and Folk music which was time well spent judging by 'Delete'. For the majority of this track, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was Noel Gallgher, Jake Bugg or I Am Kloot as the heartfelt and sincere acoustic strains waft out from the stereo. And then, with the skill of more experienced songwriters they build to a pleasing and emotion stirring finale where the long awaited drums finally kick in and the song climaxes the way you want it to. There's an EP on the way and this might not be the most heart stopping debut I've ever heard but there's something here that is worth further investigation in the short term at least.

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