Dena - Flashed (Normal Surround/!K7) 
Dena - Flashed

Release Date: 10th March 2014

Dena, or Dena from the block to give her the full title she likes to use, is back with another new single from her imminent new album and this time she's teamed up with the ever-so-cool Erlend Oye. On 'Flashed', the Berliner has gone all chilled out, soulful guitar (credit to Mr Oye) with a hint of Arrested Development about proceedings as Dena gently and smoothly sing-raps over the sparse musicianship. There's not a huge amount to this single and I'm a little surprised it made off the album but it does at least show that she has a variety to her abilities, whether they be to your tastes or not. Let's see how the album sounds shall we...?

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Live Dates:

15th April - Birthdays, London
16th April - Soup Kitchen, Manchester

17th April - Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield