Collapse Under The Empire - Stairs To The Redemption (Finaltune Records) 
Collapse Under The Empire -
Stairs To The Redemption 

Release Date: 21st March 2014

What's in a name? It depends of your sphere of reference I suppose but when I first read Collapse Under The Empire's name in the subject line of an email I immediately assumed they would be an incredibly serious, hardcore band from the UK with impossibly angular hair and a huge number of tattoos. What Collapse Under The Empire actually are is a German duo who produce instrumental post-rock of the highest order. So, once I'd stopped judging the book by its cover it was time to give 'Stairs To The Redemption' a spin and get over my naming issues. Now, I may have been influenced by the video slightly on this one but this music does remind slightly of the incidental music on one of those big computer games that people get entirely immersed in. Atmospheric guitars, ominously industrial rhythms, non-descript noises and spooky piano riffs build up to buzz-sawed in half by come crunching sex-string action and crashing drums. As a piece of music, I could see this being used in film to cover a fight scene montage or perhaps as the walk-on music for the likes of Metallica or Muse in a big stadium environment, such is the evocative ambition of the piece. I probably won't be popping it on while I'm making pancakes though, it's just not that kind of tune.

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