Brown Brogues - Zoloto EP (Stolen Body Records)
Brown Brogues - Zoloto EP

'Shit In Your Eye'. That's the name of the opening track on the new EP from Wigan duo  Brown Brogues. Now I could tell you that it's a sensitive, heartfelt love song about loss and regret but you already know that's not true, right? No, 'Shit In Your Eye' is a throbbing, grinding piece of glam rock that harks back to a more innocent time when you actually did want to be in Gary Glitter's gang. The hand claps and distant vocals that open up 'My  Birthday' quickly give way to breakneck garage punk with extra production before 'Booooooom' lurches in to sight like a cross between Frankenstein's monster and a moronic nightclub bouncer full of testosterone and regret. There's a creepy, haunted Beach Boys feel to the beginning of 'Getting Caned' that soon becomes a stomping piece of echo drenched blues garage rock.

As this release is coming out on 10" vinyl, the 8 songs are split in two and the second act comes screaming in, literally, with a live version of an older track, 'I Drove For Miles' recorded at the Manchester Roadhouse. The Motown punk of 'Grind A Go Go', also a live recording, is furiously paced and wonderfully infectious while new demo 'Still Of The Night' points to a new, more psychedelic garage direction whilst still retaining the raw, primal urgency of their trademark style. The EP (8 tracks is really a mini album though) finishes with the uncharacteristically chilled out 'I'm A Man' which, despite the basic recording quality, shows the duo to still have a great grasp of songwriting and a love for 60s/70s melodies and vocal harmonies. Brown Brogues are a band I keep coming across and, for some reason, keep expecting to get bored of. No dice. These guys have got staying power - you can use that on your calling cards, lads.

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