Thursday, 20 February 2014


The Diamond Age - I Might Just Be 
The Diamond Age - I Might Just Be

Southampton duo Matt and Bilu, for they are The Diamond Age, are like a blue sky after weeks and weeks of grey, damp weather. There is a lightness and airiness to their music that is instantly appealing and uplifting to anyone who cares to listen. 'I Might Just Be' is no exception to this rule as the synths bounce along rubber balls on a particularly long staircase and the guitars dart and soar like swallows on a spring breeze. The duo lose nothing from not having a drummer as the programmed beats are necessarily light to keep things floating along nicely. The Diamond Age are the sound of an early summer sunset and that moment when you decide that going to the pub without a coat to have your first Pimm's of the year is a good decision. I recommend you download this single and keep it in your back pocket for another few months and then break it out for the perfect early summer experience.

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