Silver Arm - He Of The Slow Creep EP (Big Tea Records) 
Silver Arm - He Of The Slow Creep EP

Release Date: 3rd March 2014

There is a thuggish cool to Silver Arm that appeals in the way baddies always look way cooler in the superhero films even though you know they stand for everything that is bad and will almost probably die. The grinding, rumbling bass that forms the beginning to 'He Of The Slow Creep' is a triumph of intimidation, leather and sinewy muscle on the dark streets of Camden Town. The four piece channel the likes of Killing Joe and the Yo Yos on 'Black Magician' which is the noise of the apocalypse as sponsored by Jack Daniels and Marlboro Reds. 'Bad Blood' again makes fantastic use of Tom Answer's hypnotic bass skills as the band blend US hardcore with that uniquely British brand of punk rock. Final track 'Gunboat' is a riotous way to finish up proceedings with squealing guitars and visceral screaming from frontman Gareth Hughes. Essentially, Silver Arm are a band that you don't want to mess with and you get a feeling that they probably got their record deal just by looking hard and unblinkingly in to the eyes of a record executive and telling them to sign the band up. Kinda like a Glaswegian Jedi.


Live Dates:

28th February - EP Launch @ Hope & Anchor, Islington