Thursday, 13 February 2014


Shura - Touch 
Shura - Touch

The part Russian, part English Shura has created something of a conflict in 'Touch' and that's always a good thing. Musically speaking, this single couldn't be smoother or sexier if Snoop Dogg was lying on top of it wearing nothing more than a purple robe and giving you 'the look'. Lyrically, though, there is a real sense of regret and missed opportunities, almost sadness. Essentially, 'Touch' is the anthem for bumping in to that girl/boy from school that you never got it on with but a few years down the line you realise you really, really should have. Shura's voice is in the Feist or Bat For Lashes area with some sexuality to it but predominantly a sense of shyness and mystery pervades which is always an allure. So, to sum up, this is sad, sexy, shy, mysterious, conflicting and even Snoop Dogg couldn't improve it. I think that's a winner, don't you?

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