Sea Stacks - Brutal Concrete/Scottish Wilderness 
Sea Stacks - Brutal Concrete/Scottish Wilderness

When I lived in London I mixed in a few social groups and every now and again I would spend the evening drinking with a chap of such wit and intellect that I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I only met him once or twice but I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations on everything from the theatre to architecture to homemade cocktails from our younger days. Sea Stacks are a bit like that chap in that I never seek them out for one-on-one time but every time I encounter their music I feel better for the experience. This free download, 'Brutal Concrete/Scottish Wilderness', is in advance of their forthcoming new single and is a bleak but strangely warming piece of understated orchestral indie. If ATP still existed, these guys would be a shoe in but at the very least they should be appearing at something in the Royal Festival Hall curated by Edwyn Collins within the next 18 months.

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