Robert J. Hunter - Blistering Soul EP 
Robert J. Hunter - Blistering Soul EP

Channel Islander Hunter is a new Blues talent that people should really start paying attention to. Based in London, Hunter has a voice and guitar skills that most would kill for on their own but put the two together and we have something quite, quite special and unique. Opening the EP with 'Turning', a bluegrass piece of rousing, stomping guitar driven fun which would fit perfectly on the 'O, Brother Where Art Thou?' soundtrack - one of my favourite soundtracks of all time. 'Draw The Line', however, is a much more introspective and considered Blues number with Hunter's distinctive gravelly vocal and low guitar notes coming to the fore.

The provocatively titled 'See You In Hell' is a punch drunk piece of woozy balladeering that oh so beautifully evokes the image of a man down to his last dime and wish, "You're taking the piss now, you think you're so swell, and I'm praying up to God now that I will see you in hell". 'Trial By Fire', however, has a more cowboy saloon bar feel to it - the kind of song you drink endless whisky to the night before a dawn duel with Black Jack McGinty. Final track and recent single 'Hurricane' is still the stand out track in this collection but it's a close call as the quality is so high. Nevertheless, Hunter's voice is once again the main attraction and his world-weary style is so utterly believable as a well travelled Blues man that you could only expect him to have the look of a Seasick Steve or Muddy Waters. Whatever the man looks like, the important thing is that he sounds absolutely incredible and by golly you need to seek him out to improve your life.

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Live Dates:

24th February - The Finsbury, London w/Rue Devel
27th February - Gallery Cafe, London
12th March - The Library Upper Street, London
19th March - The Boogaloo, London
26th March - Apples & Pears, London
12th April - Fermain Tavern, Guernsey

23rd April - The Vault, Guernsey